You’ve seen their tagline – “Your Friends in Real Estate.” But Mindy and Darla’s friendship began well before their real estate careers took off. You’ll see it, and feel it, as soon as you talk with the team. Mindy and Darla have been bouncing ideas, inspiration, and (sometimes) bad hairstyles off of each other for nearly 40 years. Their connection started as young adults and strengthened through high school, college, relationships, kids, and yes—a shared love of real estate.


Mindy was the first to take the plunge into buying and selling homes. Darla followed, after seeing her friend’s success and joy in connecting with clients. Today, they leverage their complementary strengths to provide expert representation to clients.

Their friendship both bolsters and influences their work partnership. Mindy brings practical thinking, number-crunching, analytics, and details to the table. Darla adds her big-picture creativity and intuition. And once Mindy and Darla met Ann (through a real estate transaction), they knew that her patience, kindness, and background in counseling would complete the team’s winning dynamic.

Mindy and Darla’s shared histories mean they look out for each other. And as a team, they look out for their clients with the same level of intensity and caring. There’s an ease in talking with our team members, and an immediate comfort that clients feel because they know they’ll  supported throughout the real estate process. It’s no surprise that many clients form true friendships with Mindy and Darla as they move through the steps of buying, selling, and closing.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, trust the Mindy + Darla team to assist you. Like true friends do, they’ll guide you and support you—all the while getting you the best deal possible! While their hair has mercifully shrunk since high school  (big hair was huge in the 80s), their industry knowledge and commitment to customer service continues to grow with each client interaction.

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