Due to unusually high demand and supply shortage, many swimming pools are out of stock at major retailers. We continue to monitor inventory…

These comments from Business Insider quickly sum up the summer of 2020. If you were looking to get a pool for your backyard, chances are high that you couldn’t get one. With people scrambling to find ways to bring their vacations “home” during the coronavirus pandemic, the lines for pools—and pool installations—grew long.

According to an article in the Burlington Free Press, in May 2020, “consumer Google search traffic showed pools were the third most searched-for commodity.” Pool demand only grew throughout the summer.

So if you’re thinking next summer could look a lot like this past summer, we suggest you get in touch with a local pool installation company now. Some companies may still be finishing up installations they booked earlier this year—even though the pool season is over in our region.

Starting the process now ensures that next summer, you’ll be floating happily in your own backyard pool.