A recent article in Vogue Magazine asserts that wallpaper is back in style. While that might be surprising, (thankfully) wallpaper has changed a lot from the floral, glossy looks of the 1980s and the bold stripes of the 1990s. Today’s trendy prints tend toward earthy—think the tops of a wheat plant or a broad leaf—with pops of color.

Vogue’s editors encourage wallpaper enthusiasts to go big—paper an entire room and avoid creating accent walls. They also strongly recommend professional installation to avoid bubbles and other wallpaper faux pas.

For those who need a little more convincing before embracing wallpaper, there’s removable wallpaper. This temporary fix is also popular with renters who can easily remove the look when it’s time to move out. Removable wallpaper also allows you to take some risks with colors and patterns. If you like them—great, keep them up. But if it’s too much, unpeel the design and you’re back to a blank slate.

Wallpaper samples, like paint samples, can help you to make an informed choice for your space. Tape the sample to various areas of the room you intend to paper. Look at the paper’s color and sheen (if applicable) to be sure that you’re comfortable with the way the light bounces off of the paper.

And always check to be sure that paper you love is appropriate for the room. A very humid environment like a bathroom might not be the right place for all types of wallpaper. A moisture-resistant paper will be essential in these types of spaces to ensure long-term durability.

Photo credit: HGTV.com