Decor changes. And tastes change. So if you find yourself wondering what to do with that outdated canvas artwork that’s taking up valuable real estate on your family room wall, you’re not alone. It can be hard to separate from a piece of art that you once loved—or that’s simply so large that you have no idea what to do with it. We’ve found a solution that repurposes your existing piece and gives you exactly the look that your 2023 sensibilities crave.


A new trend in interior design is to repurpose/upscale existing art canvases, giving them new life and updated styles. A blank framed canvas, especially if it’s large, can be an expensive item—and that’s before any painting has begun! So using your own, existing canvas artwork as a base can be a big money saver. It also keeps a “old” canvas from being thrown into a landfill.
When you’ve decided that it’s time for an artwork overhaul, the first step is to find an artist who specializes in working on canvas. The artist will need to be familiar with painting over an existing work of art, so it may exclude certain types of painting (like watercolors). You’re also going to be looking at a layered image, so open your mind to vivid, large brushstrokes that not only pick up the essence of your room and furniture, but also do an expert job at covering up the old artwork.
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When we decided to give this trend a try for ourselves, we contacted local Pittsburgh artist Zack Krivonak, who does custom art (check him out on Instagram at myartdisaster). The typical process is very similar to starting from scratch with an artist—you should have an idea of the colors you want to feature, and think about the general look that you hope to achieve. Have fabric samples from couches and chairs, a paint chip from the walls, and since you’ll likely be sticking with the same frame, make sure it complements the updated piece.
We recommend that you browse Pinterest or even online art shops to create an inspiration board of artwork examples that you like. Show this to the artist to give insight into your art personality (yah, that’s a thing!). Then, the artist will get to work creating a whole new look on top of your existing canvas. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece that contains all of the colors you chose to represent your room now—and into the future.

If you’re interested in giving this a try but don’t have a canvas on hand, browse yard sales, thrift stores, and even Facebook marketplace for large-sized canvas paintings. Remember, you’re looking for a good quality canvas with a nice frame, so don’t worry about the painting itself because that’s going to be covered up. Discovering a large canvas for a bargain price is one of life’s great gifts!
Our reimagined canvas turned out beautifully and looks fantastic above our new couch. The colors match the room perfectly and the new artwork brings a modern feeling to the space. For just a few hundred dollars, this upcycling project was well worth it! Want to learn more about home decor that creates an inviting interior space and can attract the eyes of potential homebuyers? Contact us for tips! There’s a reason that we’re called “your friends in real estate.” We’ll look after you like we look after a friend!
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