Whether you’re looking for a change or just want to be in the competition for best looking home on the block, here are some easy updates that can make your home feel ready for the summer season.

Add new mulch to flower beds and plant bright flowers that pop with color. Marigolds are deer resistant in come in all shapes, sizes, and hues of yellow and orange.

Get new cushions for outdoor chairs. Over time, the sun can fade colors, making your outdoor living space look much less inviting. New, cozy cushions and outdoor pillows are an immediate upgrade to your outside décor.


Paint the front door. A quick and easy way to give your home a fresh look it with a fresh coat of paint on the most eye-catching part of your home. Popular colors include blues, yellows, and reds—but pick what matches your home and your style!

Trim back shrubs and trees to ensure that you (and friends) can safely walk up your walkway or driveway.



Add some native plants to your garden—these beautiful plants attract and support birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects—and they thrive in our environment.

One of our favorite things about summer is seeing how people spruce up their homes to maximize their outdoor experience. We hope you have some plans to bring a touch of summer to your home!

Have questions about curb appeal or getting your home ready to put on the market? Then get in touch by contacting us.  We’d love to help!