As we enter a new year, we celebrate the connections that we share with friends, family, and neighbors. For us, the connections to our neighborhoods are at the heart of what we do—we’re dedicated to showcasing what makes Pittsburgh, our hometown, such a special place to live.

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Because we grew up here, and are raising our families here, we know what attracts potential buyers to our city and its neighborhoods. We also know how emotional it can be to sell a house in a community you’ve called home for decades. The perfect solution is to match an enthusiastic buyer with a seller who knows the home will be well cared for—and loved—for years to come!
The personal relationships we build with our clients help us to make those connections happen. Even better? With every sale, we make a donation to a local charity, supporting our region’s growth and sense of community.
If you’re thinking about buying or selling this year, contact us. Rely on our experience and expertise to help you find the home and the area of Pittsburgh that’s right for you. You might just find yourself becoming one of our neighbors!