Man caves are so 2016. Welcome to the era of the she-shed (or she-shack). While man caves are typically contained within the home, she-sheds are stepping outside of the floorplan and moving into backyards and, well, sheds. These creative, mom-approved spaces can feature anything from craft areas to full bars. They feature whatever helps you to kick back and relax—until the kids come knocking and wondering what’s for dinner.

Interested in setting up your own she-shed? The first step is to identify a space. If you have a shed already in the backyard, you’ve got a starting point. You can also have one installed (big box home stores sell relatively affordable models) and start anew. While a shiny new shed will cost more money, there are some things to consider before repurposing your current shed. You’ll need to relocate the items inside of it—and it may need a fresh coat of paint to transform it from the tractor barn into a socially acceptable she-shed.

The next step? Choose your theme. If you have power in your shed, you have many options to decorate and make the space truly your own. You may want to replace solid shed doors with something that lets more light in. And it’s imperative that you stock the shed with items that you’ll need while you’re enjoying your she-shed getaway: drinks and snacks.

Since the shed is outside, you probably won’t want to invest too much money in furniture. Instead, look for sales at IKEA or Target for furniture that’s comfortable but won’t break the budget. You can also shop local antique and consignment stores to find eclectic touches that set your shed apart and make it uniquely yours.

If you need more ideas, Pinterest has images of she-sheds that run the gamut from simple to absolutely extravagant. If you’ve created a she-shed of your own, we’d love to see some pictures. Email them to us!