With parents and students working home this fall, you may be quickly running out of space for work and studies. Here are some tips to transform any area of your house into a usable office space. And they can be done quickly!


One of our favorite options is to purchase a standing desk—one of those desks that adjusts in height and is often on wheels to allow you to move it from place to place. These desks are slim and fit into areas that larger desks won’t. Plus, when you’re done using them, you can roll them to a less conspicuous location. Bonus—some people are more comfortable at a standing desk, saying that it causes less back pain than sitting all day.

If your kids need desk space to complete their online school work, you can consider transforming a closet into a makeshift desk area. What’s great about this option is that it (like online learning, we hope!) isn’t permanent. Clean out the closet, let your child decorate it with pictures or cool lights, and put a desk in the space. It becomes a quiet alcove for learning and takes up less space in the room.

If you really need a quick solution and can’t easily find space in an existing room for a desk, consider a room divider like a curtain. This creates an entirely new space (though it does make your original space smaller). It also blocks your view of the rest of the room, making the space feel more private.

Have you successfully added an office or school workspace to your house? Send us the pictures!