If you’re considering a home renovation, it’s probably because you really want or need it–not because you’re planning increase your home’s value. But wouldn’t it be great if the renovation could benefit you now and when it’s time to sell?
If you’re sprucing up your space, these popular projects tend to provide a solid return on investment:
New Floors: Especially hardwood floors. Nothing says inviting like a shiny, scratch-free hardwood floor that that reflects the light and brings the whole space together. If you already have hardwood floors, you can opt to refinish them–especially if they are original to the house.
Finished Basement: One of the easiest ways to add usable space to your home is to finish the basement. There’s usually no need for major structural changes and the project can be done without a huge inconvenience to you because you can always hide out upstairs! If possible, gain the highest value by defining living space and installing a full bathroom.
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Closet Renovation: Newer homes typically have large walk-in closets but older homes tend to have smaller, narrow closets that certainly wouldn’t gain points on HGTV shows. While you could “borrow” some space from an adjoining room and bump out your closet to expand it, an easier solution could be to hire a professional to overhaul the existing space. All of the currently-unused space above the hanger rack can become off-season storage. Below the hanging clothes, display your shoes on trendy shelving. Even adding on new closet doors can give you closet and room a whole new look.

HVAC Updates: Rising utility costs mean that everyone is looking for the most cost-effective way to heat and cool a home. Electric wall units that heat and cool have become very popular because they’re quiet and energy-efficient. You’ll need an electrician to install them but once they’re up and running, they are low-maintenance.
Have questions about how a renovation might impact your future resale value? Reach outand we’ll be happy to talk about our experiences.
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