You have a huge home renovation project coming up, and beyond all of the packing and moving of items, you’re also worried about what you’ll do during the renovation process.
Will it be too noisy to work from home? Will there be hours of vacuuming each evening to keep dust levels down? Do you want to be dodging contractors every weekday for weeks on end?
You may want to consider a short-term rental.
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These rentals are located close to your “real” home, but allow you to live, work, and sleep in a space that is construction free. And if your renovation is taking away a kitchen or a bathroom, a short-term rental will provide you with a fully-functioning space so that you don’t have to shower in the backyard sprinkler or cook dinner in your garage.
Before you cross off a short-term rental as being cost-prohibitive, think about the positives and trade-offs. There’s value in being able to keep your current schedule, even while contractors are coming in and out. Will you have to keep an even tighter watch on your kids in an under-construction living environment? Will you be eating carry-out every day when your kitchen is under construction? Add up the lifestyle and monetary costs and decide if the expense is worth it!

We can help you to locate a rental that’s big or small–everything from apartments to homes for a large family and pets. We’re happy to take some of the stress of a remodel off of your shoulders. Reach out and we’ll be happy to talk options with you!
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