Yes, restaurants are back open (!) but if you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about sit-down dining, there are great options for take-out. Thanks to a special order from the governor, certain drinks are also allowed to be picked up along with your meal. In other words, it’s margarita time!

We’ve been taste testing take-out for the past three months. What we found is that the basics–like pizza–tend to hold up the best. More temperature-sensitive foods, including burgers, tend to cool off an awful lot during the drive between the restaurant and dinner table. 

Which leads us to our favorite places for take-out. These restaurants’ offerings taste as good at home as they do served by a waiter or waitress. Bonus points go to restaurants with carry out drinks!

Emilianos – Located in McCandless Crossing, Emiliano’s fills your craving for Mexican and still has the usuals for kids–chicken tenders and kid tacos. Carry out margaritas are affordably priced, too.

Franklin Inn – Another Mexican restaurant that has a wide variety of choices and carry out margaritas. 

Totin’s Diner – Right on the Wexford Flats, Totin’s is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Our favorite takeout order is a big stack of the diner’s famous pancakes.

Noodles and Company – Who can say no to noodles? The packaging keeps items warm and this is another restaurant that has options for all ages.  The closest Noodles and Company is located in Cranberry.

Sir Pizza – If you like your pizza cut into small squares, Sir Pizza is your jam. Pizza is universally known for its “staying warm” properties, so it’s always a sure bet when it comes to take-out. Sir Pizza’s locations are in Ross Township, Franklin Park, and in Cranberry.

What are your favorite places for carryout? Let us know!