If you’re searching for a new house and you have a pet, you’re generally looking for a place that will fit both of your lifestyles. If you have an active dog, a big, fenced yard is likely a must. If you have a couch potato cat, maybe a townhome will do the trick.

Let’s face it, pets are family—and you take their needs into consideration as much as your own when choosing the right home. A recent survey showed that 79% of millennials would pass up an otherwise perfect home if it wasn’t right for their pet! Here’s some tips on finding the right match for you and your pet:

  • Find a pet-friendly real estate agent. If you’re talking to us, you can check this one off of your list! We love animals!
  • Don’t rush it. Make a list of priorities and keep looking until you find the place that matches your goals. If you have something very specific in mind, it might take a little longer. Some things you may definitely need: a fenced-in yard, knowledge of any homeowners’ association regulations about pets, and streets with sidewalks.
  • Think about the layout of the houses you look at. If you have an older pet, a bunch of stairs might be a challenge.
  • Will a busy street be a constant source of distraction for your pet? While some don’t mind noise, others might be scared of the traffic sounds. A busy street can also be difficult if your outdoor pet is an escape artist who enjoys going on fieldtrips around the neighborhood.
  • Are your favorite pet sitters, kennel, and vet nearby? Unless you’re ok with changing up your pet’s care plans, you might want to stay within a certain distance of the vets and caregivers that you know and trust.

Want to learn more? Contact us and we can help you to find the right place for you and your furry best buddy.