Want a backyard pool next summer? Book it now.

Due to unusually high demand and supply shortage, many swimming pools are out of stock at major retailers. We continue to monitor inventory…

These comments from Business Insider quickly sum up the summer of 2020. If you were looking to get a pool for your backyard, chances are high that you couldn’t get one.

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Setting up a home office – fast!

With parents and students working home this fall, you may be quickly running out of space for work and studies. Here are some tips to transform any area of your house into a usable office space. And they can be done quickly! One...

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Our Favorite Spots for Take-out

We’ve been taste testing take-out for the past three months. What we found is that the basics–like pizza–tend to hold up the best to transport back to your house. More temperature-sensitive foods, including burgers, tend to cool off too much between the restaurant and dinner table.

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