Pool season is underway (thank goodness!) and with it, community swim team competitions. We’ve had a great time watching our kids and our friends’ children participate in these fun and “competition-lite” events that not only build friendships, but bring whole neighborhoods together.

Kids from Kindergarten through senior high encourage each other. And in true “Cheers”fashion, by the end of the season, everybody knows your name. It’s one of the best ways to get to know new neighbors, and for kids to find a “buddy” in a higher grade who they can look up to.

Of course, the main reason kids are there is the swimming! With daily practice and a few swim meets each week, swim team also serves as a great way to burn off some of that summer energy. Depending on age, kids will swim a few laps, work on different strokes, and (yes) goof off a bit!

Looking for a swim club near you to get in on this fun? Our area is lucky enough to have a number of neighborhood-based clubs. Get in touch with the one closest to you and see you at the pool!

Local swim clubs:

  • Avonworth
  • Adams Ridge
  • Valley Brooke
  • Ingomar North
  • Brook Park
  • Ingomar
  • Franklin Ridge
  • Hampton
  • Richland
  • Oxford
  • Chapel Gate